Wednesday, 27 May 2009

face your fear

I have a copy of Richard Yates' "The Easter Parade". I am so excited in regards to reading it that I am not reading it. Read, goddamnit.

Thing are happening at a pace which is half glacial, half extreme. Is that even possible? We have life-related plans but no solid things. We have one month to find an apartment in Manchester. Then, we have at least six months of solid, hardcore working to afford to live there. We is "my future housemates and I". I am not used to hardcore work. I did a few twelve hour shifts in a bar and it hurt. The real world is mainly terrifying. I'm worried I will run out of money or not find a job and have to crawl back home to my parents. Literally crawl. Because I will not be able to afford the train fare home. On top of this I am probably doing a one day a week Masters in Creative Writing. And not adopting a dog called Byron. I don't know. Everything is a bit undecided at the moment.

I think I will literally crawl back into bed now.